Episode 16: How to Create Rapid Change in Your Life and Business

by | Sep 14, 2021

Have you ever found yourself struggling to stay positive when you’re facing a life or business problem? Whenever you’re faced with a challenge it is tempting to focus on the problem in an attempt to solve it. Believe it or not, this is the worst way to solve a problem because what you focus on expands.

When you focus on a problem the problem, it actually grows. Instead, you want to train yourself to focus most of your energy on the solution. In this episode, Mariel walks you through a process to train your mind to focus less on problems and more on solutions.



Call to mind a life or business problem: 

  1. Replay the past 24 hours – look at your thoughts, feelings, actions, energy, conversations with others – how much of your energy has been focused on the problem, and how much has been focused on the solution? Try to give each one a percentage.  
  2. Approach this with self-love, curiosity, and compassion. You can’t change what you’re not aware of. When you become aware of your habitual mental patterns you are empowered to create change.  
  3. Remember what you focus on expands.  
  4. Ask yourself: What am I feeding my energy to? Is this the most helpful way to direct my energy? 
  5. Brainstorm solutions.  
  6. Highlight 1-3 solutions you can focus your energy on. 
  7. Identify concrete actions for each solution. 
  8. Repeat inventory from step 1 throughout the day – look at your thoughts, feelings, actions, energy and ask yourself “right now, am I more focused on the problem or the solution?” 
  9. Interrupt the pattern of mental looping by saying “STOP” to yourself. Then give your mind something else to focus on. 
  10. Celebrate your wins – look for the micro-wins – every time you catch yourself in a pattern it is cause for celebration because you cannot change what you are not aware of. 

“If you want to create rapid change in your business and in your life learn how to focus 90% or more of your energy on the solution and just 10% or less of your energy on the problem” – Mariel Diaz 

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