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Purpose Driven
High-Ticket Coaches

Does this sound like you?

Do you see other coaches with only half your skillset doing twice your business, and it makes you wonder what you’re doing wrong?

Do you feel hopeful at the beginning of each month that you will finally have a big breakthrough in your business, only to end the month feeling discouraged about the number of clients you enrolled?

Are you feeling drained by some of your clients, and secretly wondering how you are going to manage it all as you enroll more people into your program?

Do you diligently do your mindset work, sometimes for what feels like hours, yet it doesn’t seem to be working and you don’t know why?

Are you pretty sure you have your sales calls dialed in, yet you aren’t getting the number of enrollments you hope for each month?

Do you feel great about the incredible results you support your clients to achieve, yet you want to have a much larger impact with your work?

If any of this sounds like you, I have good news, you are in the right place. If you’re ready to enroll more clients into your high-ticket coaching program book a free breakthrough call below. On the call we’ll spend up to 45 minutes working together to get you clear on what is holding you back from enrolling more clients and make a plan so you can reach your goals.

Meet Mariel...

Mariel Diaz helps high ticket coaches significantly increase their sales and fill their programs with ideal clients. Through a combination of psychology, energy and sales techniques, she helps her clients completely transform their relationship to sales. Current sales philosophies and techniques are outdated, out of integrity and out of alignment with the true nature of a heart centered, purpose driven coach.

By contrast, Mariel’s signature system for high ticket sales focuses on transforming sales conversations into experiences that are fun, feel good and obtain phenomenal results. Her sales coaching clients have enrollment rates that range from 50-90% and in 2020 her own enrollment rate was 100% of offers made. With a background as a lawyer, psychotherapist and spiritual teacher, Mariel takes an integrative approach to sales which has been developed over 20 years and 25,000+ client sessions. 

When she is not with her clients, Mariel can be found at the beach with her two dogs Freddie and Osita, cruising around on a stand-up paddle board, or hiking various trails in Southern California. 

What Clients Say

Are you wondering what kind of success
we can create working together?

Here are some client stories to inspire you and show you what is possible!

Created $80k+ Months

During a Global Pandemic

Chad Tacket

Achieved 90%+ Enrollment Rate

with Ideal Clients

Ginger Lynch

Enrolled 5 Clients in 9 Days

with a 50% Enrollment Rate

Erin Breeze

Able to Consistently Enroll Ideal Clients

Without a Funnel

Jeff Rasor

Disclaimer: Please know that these results are not typical and are in no way a guarantee of income or results. My clients are exceptional coaches who are experts at their craft. They are also highly motivated, coachable and willing to move out of their comfort zones. They take consistent action to build the business of their dreams. You are responsible for your own results.

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Are you ready to enroll more clients
into your high-ticket coaching program?

If so, book a free breakthrough call.

We’ll spend up to 45 minutes together and get you clear on what is holding you
back from enrolling more clients and make a plan together so you can reach your goals.

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