What Clients Say

Are you wondering what kind of success
we can create working together?

Here are some client stories to inspire you and show you what is possible!

Created $80k+ Months

During a Global Pandemic

Chad Tacket

Achieved 90%+ Enrollment Rate

with Ideal Clients

Ginger Lynch

Enrolled 5 Clients in 9 Days

with a 50% Enrollment Rate

Erin Breeze

Able to Consistently Enroll Ideal Clients

Without a Funnel

Jeff Rasor

I truly feel like she is
invested in my success as much as I am

“I had been wanting to take the plunge into full-time private practice for over a year, but my fears kept me stuck in part-time work that gave me financial safety but really limited my ability to grow my business.

The stars aligned and along came Mariel, and with her help, I finally quit my day job and leapt into my own future. After our first session I felt immediate relief and excitement. She gave me some incredible tips that helped me to secure three new clients in my first week. She helped me to come up with ideas that I would never have dreamed up on my own. And when my deepest insecurities were triggered by the vulnerabilities of self-employment, her therapeutic skills were invaluable.

Growing your own business can be a very lonely experience, as so far it has been a journey unlike anything I have ever done before. It has been hard for those in my life to fully understand what I have been going through at times.

Mariel has walked the walk, so she is incredibly reassuring when the going gets tough (which it will, but it is SO worth it!!!) She has challenged me, she has guided and educated me, and I truly feel like she is invested in my success as much as I am.

She is very well networked in the healing community and was able to provide me with invaluable referrals as I developed my brand. She is an incredible wealth of knowledge and support, and with her expert guidance I am confident that I will not only begin to grow my business, but I will be able to make it exactly what I dreamed it could be and more.

Working with Mariel most definitely saved me time and money, as she was able to get my business up and running without missteps. And instead of launching a so-so practice, I now have a firm foundation that I know will continue to thrive in the years to come.”

~ Amy Ornelas, RDN, CEDRD, Eating Disorder Specialist Dietitian, Yoga Teacher, Founder, I-Heart-Nutrition

Disclaimer: Please know that these results are not typical and are in no way a guarantee of income or results. My clients are exceptional coaches who are experts at their craft. They are also highly motivated, coachable and willing to move out of their comfort zones. They take consistent action to build the business of their dreams. You are responsible for your own results.