Usui/Holy Fire® III

Reiki Training

Reiki is a Japanese style of energy healing that promotes deep healing of the mental, emotional, physical and energy bodies.

Mariel teaches Usui/Holy Fire® III Reiki Level I (self-healing), Reiki Level II (practitioner level) and Reiki Master Training. Classes are held multiple times per year and are based in Encinitas, CA as well as across the United States.

Due to Covid-19, current classes are being facilitated virtually. Mariel completed her certification to teach Usui/Holy Fire® III Reiki Training online through the International Center for Reiki Training.

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What is Holy Fire® Reiki III?

Holy Fire® Reiki was introduced by the International Center for Reiki Training in 2014 and upgraded to Holy Fire® II in 2016 and Holy Fire® III in 2018.
Holy Fire® III Reiki Energy is noticeably refined and comes from a higher level of consciousness than any energy we have encountered before.

Holy Fire® III Reiki is a spiritual energy that creates wholeness through purification, healing, empowerment and guidance.

These qualities are present in Levels I&II and become more pronounced at the Usui/Holy Fire® III Master level.

This refined form of Reiki energy was channeled in by William Rand, founder of the International Center for Reiki Training, in January 2014 during a Shamanic healing.

Some of its Attributes Include:

Works continuously even when not thinking about it and spontaneously heals issues as they come up.

Always respects free will.

Heals deeply and quickly without distress.

Heals relationships and interactions with others.

Releases worry and replaces it with a sense of safety in a most pronounced way.

Spontaneously provides guidance that supports you at every level of life experience.

Tends to develop healthy personality traits such as love of self and others, kindness, patience, confidence, vitality, enthusiasm, optimism, trust, joy, peace and so forth.

A feeling of being loved. This is a deep and refined feeling that is very nurturing.

Once received, Holy Fire® III energy continues to evolve in its effectiveness.

About Mariel

Mariel has been teaching Usui Reiki since 2012 and has been teaching Holy Fire® Reiki since 2015. She is certified to teach in person and virtual Reiki classes through the International Center for Reiki Training. In addition to teaching Reiki, Mariel is also a Sales, Marketing & Mindset Coach for coaches and healers.

Benefits Include:

Release negative or stuck energy stored in the physical, mental, emotional, and energy bodies

Restore balance to the body’s energy centers/channels (chakras)

Calm and quiet the mind

Create feelings of inner peace

Can assist to relieve stress, agitation and reduce physical and emotional pain

Can assist to improve sleep patterns

Can assist in healing deep emotional issues and trauma

Opens and expands intuition

Aligns you with your soul purpose and mission in life

Upcoming Class Dates

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Mariel and her team of Reiki Master Teachers.

If you are looking for information on Mariel’s Spiritual Life Coach Certification Program, this is
now offered by invitation only after successful completion of Reiki Level I, II and Reiki Master
Training with Mariel and/or members of her team of Reiki Master Teachers.

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