Episode 8: Sales is an Act of Sacred Service

by | Jul 20, 2021

If you want to increase your enrollment rate you first need to get rid of the negative beliefs you have around sales. When sales is done right it really is a sacred act of service. Mariel’s mission is to completely transform the way you think about sales through her unique approach that combines sales strategies with the psychology and energy of sales.

It is important to understand that sales is energy. The energy you bring to your sales calls will transform the experience for you and for your prospective clients. When you remember your why for doing the work that you do it becomes easier to get excited about sales and cultivate the belief that sales is a sacred act of service.

When you show up to your sales calls connected to your heart and higher self, the potential client will feel a significant difference on the call. This will allow you to create transformation for every single person you speak with, whether or not they enroll. On a sales call we are helping people to clearly see their lower self and their higher self so they can consciously choose which aspect of self they want in the driver’s seat of their life. When you have the skills to powerfully coach people into their higher selves, every sales call will feel like a sacred act of service.

“A sales call is a portal, a window of opportunity, a spiritual intervention .”  

– Mariel Diaz 


Mariel offers 2 exercises in this episode: 

  1. Fill in the blank “Sales is…” and write downstream of consciousness what you think about sales (this will identify negative beliefs you have about sales).


  2. Write down the outcome you want to create in your coaching business over the next 4 weeks and identify 3-5 positive beliefs about sales and review these daily as part of your mindset practice. As you continue to find evidence to support your new beliefs you will increase your enrollment rate.

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