Episode 4: How Erin Enrolled 5 Clients in 9 Days with a 50% Enrollment Rate

by | Jun 22, 2021

How do you get your life back after divorce? Unfortunately, no one is ever really prepared for what it feels like to be divorced. It takes enormous time to get over the routine of being married. It’s an emotional roller coaster ride. Sometimes, it becomes difficult to feel motivated even with friends and family around you. In that case, it helps to work with a coach and a community for support. 

Today’s guest is the founder of Create a Happy Home After Divorce with Erin Breeze. Drawing from her work in women’s leadership, culture building, conflict transformation and her own divorce journey, Erin created a unique way to approach life after divorce. She helps divorced women release the pain and guilt, bring their light back, and create a happy home after divorce. 

Aside from sharing how her programs help divorced women, Erin will also talk about how Mariel helped her shift from being overwhelmed to exuding power, certainty, confidence, and authority. So if you want to learn how to fully trust yourself, write your own rules, and design what feels great for you and your clients, this episode is for you.

“It’s all about trust, precision, and ease.”

– Erin Breeze


In This Episode:

  • Meet Erin, a woman of POSSIBILITY who lights up everyone with her MAGNETIC energy
  • The HEART of Erin’s programs and how they help women THRIVE powerfully after divorce
  • Erin goes through the STRUGGLE of scaling her business 
  • Find out how Mariel helped Erin shift from feeling OVERWHELMED to being in a state of FLOW
  • Discover how to step into your calls with power, certainty, confidence, and authority so you can HANDLE any OBJECTION
  • How prioritizing feeling good and getting into ALIGNMENT can help you collapse time and make amazing things happen
  • Erin’s tip for other coaches and the POWER WORDS that drive her business

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