Episode 2: 5 Ways to Book Sales Calls Organically (Without Ads)

by | Jun 15, 2021

Do you feel like your sales call calendar is a roller coaster ride that is subject to the latest updates on paid advertising platforms? In this episode Mariel covers how to weather the inconsistency of paid advertising by adding organic methods to your call booking strategy. These methods will help you keep consistent bookings no matter what changes and updates happen in the world of paid ads. If you’re unsure of how to book calls organically, listen up and try any or a combination of Mariel’s proven ways to book sales calls without spending money on ads. Learning the art and science of organic selling is easier than it may seem but requires diligence to make it work.  It all starts by setting the right intention. Remember, the options only work if you have an open mind and cultivate a positive belief.

“Success is really a state of mind, and it’s a function of your beliefs.” 

– Mariel Diaz

In This Episode:

  • Ask past and present clients for REFERRALS and create an effective referral program
  • Be helpful and nurture relationships in FB GROUPS where your ideal clients hang out
  • CONNECT with other professionals who serve your ideal clients in a complimentary way
  • Showcase your EXPERTISE by being a guest in somebody else’s program or community
  • Reach out to podcast hosts and expand your audience by being a PODCAST guest


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