Episode 3: 3 Daily Mindset Practices to Increase Your Enrollment Rate

by | Jun 15, 2021

You may not realize it, but the thoughts running through your head have an intense influence on your overall well-being and your business. Everything that you do is anchored upon having a rock-solid mindset and being aligned with your personal energy. So it’s vital to cultivate a positive mind and protect your energy. Today’s episode deals with harnessing the power of your mind. Pay close attention to these three simple mindset practices and do them daily. Soon enough,  those around you, your colleagues, friends, family, and clients will be drawn to your positive energy. Using these practices daily will elevate your frequency and help you to enroll more clients on your sales calls.


“At least 80% of your success as a high ticket coach has to do with your inner psychology and your energy.” 

– Mariel Diaz

In This Episode:

  • How to practice PAD (Process-Align-Dream) journaling 
  • Learn this simple BREATHWORK practice to breathe in love and breathe out fear 
  • Effective use of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Triangle to SHIFT your thinking



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