Episode 15: Set Impact Based Goals to Make More Sales

by | Sep 7, 2021

Have you ever felt frustrated as another month goes by and you still haven’t reached your monthly revenue goal in your high-ticket coaching business? This is common for highticket coaches. Well-meaning mentors encourage you to stretch your financial vision of what is possible. This enthusiasm can be contagious and cause you to set goals that are past your financial set point. When you repeatedly set goals like this and don’t reach them, your core beliefs get activated and a sense of failure can ensue. This sets off a cycle of negative thoughts, feelings, and actions that end up pushing you even further away from your goal. 



In this episode, Mariel discusses making the switch to setting impact-based goals. Setting impact-based goals will reduce resistance, elevate your energy and make it easier to perform well on your sales calls so you can enroll more clients. It is important to remember that there is nothing wrong with making money. Money is energy and it is a magnifier of the energy of the person who is making it. It is very possible to make a big difference in this world with your work and make a lot of money. However, when you focus on impact-based goals, you’ll experience less resistance because impact-based goals keep you rooted in your intuition and connection to Source/Spirit/God/The Universe which then collaborates with you to draw in the clients you are uniquely designed to serve.


When you are focused on impact based goals you will be more connected to your intuition, your potential clients will feel it on your sales calls and will be much more likely to enroll if they are a good fit for your program.– Mariel Diaz 

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