Episode 14: How to Reset Your Mindset After a Difficult Sales Call

by | Aug 31, 2021

Have you ever had a bad sales call that threw you off for the rest of the day? It is very common for coaches to carry energy with them from one sales call to the next. This can be great when you get an enrollment and you’re taking high-frequency energy with you into the next call. However, it can create problems when you are taking low-frequency energy from a bad call into your next sales call.



In this episode, Mariel walks you through a few steps you can follow to reset your mindset after a difficult sales call. Although the focus of this episode is using this practice after a sales call, you can use this practice to reset your mindset with pretty much anything whether it is life or business-related.


Step 1: Vent – spend 5-10 minutes dumping the mental/emotional trash

Step 2: Identify key themes to explore – in your journal or with a coach

Step 3: Shake the energy off – move your body

Step 4: Condition a positive state by:

  1.  Remind yourself how amazing you are
  2. Gratitude list – be specific and FEEL it
  3. Write down your wins – look for the micro-wins
  4. Work with affirmations – positive statements to yourself about yourself

Step 5: Trust in Source/Spirit/Universe/God


Try this practice the next time you need to reset your mindset. You can expand or contract it to fit the amount of time you have available.


“If you don’t take the time to shake off the energy from a bad sales call, you will take this energy with you into your next call and sabotage your sales.” – Mariel Diaz 


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