Episode 12: Upgrade Your Inner Dialogue to Make More Sales

by | Aug 17, 2021

Have you ever stopped to wonder who is the narrator in your mind?

You have multiple aspects of self, each with its own story and interpretation of your experiences. In this episode, Mariel will help you understand four of the core aspects of self: your ego, your inner child, your adult self, and your higher self.

You will learn how to identify the voice of each of these aspects of self, both for yourself, as well as for your clients and potential clients on your sales calls. When you can accurately identify the aspect of self a potential client is in, you can skillfully coach them into their higher self where they can make empowered decisions.

This week ask yourself: Who is leading me?

To create better outcomes in your life and in your business, learn how to coach yourself into thinking, feeling, and acting from your higher self.



“Your inner dialog is creating your results in your life and in your business.”
– Mariel Diaz



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