Episode 6: 5 Ways to Improve Lead Quality

by | Jul 6, 2021

Not every potential client is going to be a vibrational match. The timing might not be right or the lead could be experiencing stressors outside of your control, keeping them from being ready to fully participate in your level of coaching. What can you do to make sure you’re attracting the ideal client? In today’s episode, Mariel provides five tips to help you improve the quality of your leads. 

First, not only do you need to check in with your potential clients, but also with yourself to make sure both parties are ready, mentally and emotionally to take on the program. It’s up to you to make sure your funnel and application form have the right questions to help you decide whether someone is going to be a good match or not. This is why it is incredibly important to use as much precision and clarity with your language as possible. Start qualifying from the beginning of the sales call, as to not waste either of your time. Look out for key traits like are they committed to getting out of their comfort zones, willing to have a beginner’s mind and be coachable, and lastly, are they resilient enough to bounce back from any setbacks along the way. But most importantly, focus on the person and their probability for success in your program. Do they have a high chance of benefiting from the course or are they just going to waste money and time?

“The clarity and specificity of the qualification is going to work on the energetic plane to improve the overall quality of leads”

– Mariel Diaz


In This Episode:

  • Your leads are human beings NOT just metrics
  • Why precision and clarity of language is so important
  • Check your funnel, are you using language that is indirectly drawing in the wrong fit
  • Qualifying based on whether or not they have great chances of succeeding in your program, not just if they can afford it. 


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