Episode 1: Take Fewer Sales Calls to Make More Sales

by | Jun 15, 2021

Are you packing your calendar full of sales calls in the hopes that you will make more sales? Most people would say that booking more calls increases your odds of enrolling more clients. Simple, right? Except it doesn’t really work that way. Every interaction we have with others is an exchange of energy, and that energy should flow naturally. In this episode, Mariel walks you through the underlying reasons that might be preventing you from getting more sales and what you should be doing instead. Ready to quantum leap your sales this year? This podcast will show you how. Let’s begin.


“The energy that you take and action with dictates the result of that action.” 

– Mariel Diaz

In This Episode:

  • Discover how a SCARCITY MINDSET is keeping you from making more sales
  • Learn how taking too many sales calls pulls you out of ALIGNMENT and scatters your energy
  • Being BURNED OUT prevents you from performing at your best on your sales calls
  • Understand how your personal BELIEFS affect your business
  • Try out this simple INTEGRATION exercise and see what happens


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